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Youth Sports

Great to see these NorthDownPhysio sponsored sports kits get an airing again!

We first sponsored Ards Mini Rugby and Andrews Memorial PS football team in 2018/19, however, unfortunately due to covid, youth sports and activities have been unable to go ahead.

We are so glad to see things getting back to normal, and see these girls and boys running about, having fun and interacting (and not a phone in sight!!).

Just remember….Competitive sports aren’t all about the winning. There are so many other hidden benefits to our kids…

• Health. The health of our children is incredibly important with growing levels of obesity and the temptation to stay indoors greater than ever

• Respect for the rules

• Social skills

• Physical development

• Confidence

• Learning to lose

• Improved well being

• Improved cognitive function

• Communication skills

• Teamwork

• Having FUN!