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Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates at North Down Physio in Holywood, every Friday morning at 9:30am.

Come and join our Physio Helen…and her bump!

There are so many benefits to Pilates during pregnancy. The exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor area, improve muscle strength around the pelvis, upper body strengthening and also help with posture and relaxation.

Here is a mobility sequence which can help ease up a stiff back, shoulders and hips. All very useful for preparation for labour too!

Ante Natal Pilates

Delighted to get this class starting a new term!

Pilates for pregnancy will be instructed by our NDP physio, Helen Brann.

Helen has many years of APPI Pilates mat work experience, and since starting her own family, has taken a special interest in supporting the body through the journey of pregnancy to keep you fit and healthy.

▶️Friday mornings 9.30am

▶️45 minutes


▶️In-house at TheStudio@NDP, Holywood.

▶️Equipment provided

▶️Covid precautions

▶️Book via our app or

▶️Book via our website www.northdownphysio.com

If you would like more information, please phone the clinic on 02890425517

Evening Massage Clinics

It is with great pleasure we announce, as of Wednesday 30 March, Kim Campbell will be joining the team at NDP as our Sports Massage Practitioner.

Kim’s clinics will be open for evening and Friday appointments to extend our existing massage services further.

We are very privileged to be adding to our highly talented team of therapists, who all offer unique practices.

To book an appointment

⏩download our App or
⏩use the following website link or
⏩phone North Down Physio on 02890425517.

You know you need one, just book it! #sportsmassage

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all 13 of our amazing women at NDP!!
Julia, Erica, Cat, Jill, Laura, Helen, Nina, Nikki, Gillian, Caroline, Irene, Ruth and Kim.
We are so lucky to have a team of strong, compassionate, beautiful, unique, powerful and ambitious Women.

#iwd2022 #IAmRemarkable

Part-Time Reception Position

We are looking for an outstanding individual to fill this vital role in our excellent team at North Down Physio

We are recruiting for a part-time receptionist to cover our busy reception on Tuesday’s (2-8pm) and Thursday’s (3-8pm).

This part-time position combines the roles of running a busy and productive reception with managing administrative duties of a successful and dynamic private physio clinic.

If you are interested, please contact julia@northdownphysio.com and we will forward a job description.

Closing date Friday 25th February 2022.

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all our clients at North Down Physio.
Wishing you a pain free and injury free 2022!
Love from Your NDP Team 🥂

Merry Christmas 🎄

That’s us closed up for Christmas 🎄🥂😁

We are open a couple of days next week for emergencies, and closed for the New Year.

Friday 24th closed
Saturday/Sunday closed
Monday 27th closed
Tuesday 28th closed
Wednesday 29th OPEN
Thursday 30th OPEN
Friday 31st closed
Saturday/Sunday closed
Monday 3rd closed
Tuesday 4th OPEN normal hours.

May I take this opportunity to thank all the staff at NDP for their dedication, passion, professionalism and all over brilliantness!!

We have an amazing team @NDP….

Julia, Steve, Erica, Cat, Nina, Jill, Laura, Helen, Nikki, Michelle, Gillian, Caroline, Sandra and Irene….

Merry Christmas and wishing you all a Happy 2022!

Sarah Key Method for Back Pain.

Some of our good clients have been coming to us for treatment for years! Now, this does not mean we are not good physios, but quite the opposite!… it means we are helping them!

The majority of back pain we will be able to resolve. However, some Chronic back pain may never be “fixed” or “cured”.

But do not give up, there are many physiotherapy techniques that allow us to control and settle your pain to a manageable level for your lifestyle.

We see clients that have had significant relief from their pain, yet need to come in for maintenance treatment.

This may be once a month, every two months, or every 6 months! It is whatever suits yours needs and your spines needs!

We are so lucky to build lovely relationships with these long term clients, they are NDP family! We know and treat most of their families, and they know our families.

We often reminisce during treatment, and one memory that pops up frequently is “remember, Julia when you were heavily pregnant and you walked on my back!” 🙄😂

Well this is a perfectly safe physiotherapy technique called the Sarah Key Method (specialised treatment approach to spinal pain), where we use our heel to mobilise the joints of your spine, and it is amazing for back pain!

We currently have 3 physiotherapists trained from the Sarah Key Masterclass with accreditation. (None of whom are currently pregnant!!)

So, to those reminiscing clients…. This is, 10 years later, Julia’s “baby bump”!!!