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At North Down Physio and Sports Injury Clinic we offer individual treatment plans that are tailored to your needs – from old to young, sportsperson to non sportsperson, elite athlete to casual runner.


Specific conditions include:

Back and neck pain eg disc prolapsed, sciatica, spinal degeneration, whiplash type injuries.

Sports injuries eg hamstring strain, groin strains, ligament injuries.

Soft tissue injuries eg tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achilles tendonopathy, rotator cuff injuries, repetitive strain injuries.

Joint conditions eg frozen shoulder, swelling and stiffness.

Post-op rehabilitation eg after joint replacement, knee surgery, cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Post fracture rehabilitation eg after broken wrist, leg, ankle

Foot and ankle related pain eg plantar fasciitis, shin splints, metatarsalgia.

Arthritic conditions

Shoulder problems

Knee pain

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

Muscle tears

Tendon and ligament problems

Overuse injuries

Tennis/golfers elbow

Whiplash injuries

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Nerve pain