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Helen’s Pilates training started with APPI in London back in 2014. This initial training was a great addition to physio rehabilitation programs, whether it was a specific Pilates exercise that needed to be practiced or applying the key elements.

Pilates has always been useful in clinical practice, however Helen has also continued to teach small classes and provide 1:1 sessions. She topped up her training at Six Physio under the expertise of Pilates guru Richy Gonsalves and taught classes using the Reformer and Cadillac equipment. She has a particular passion teaching Pilates to clients who are runners as well as those with neck and back pain.

There is so much scope to the benefits of Pilates whether it’s for injury prevention or maintaining good posture, strength and movement. This can’t be more appropriate than with pregnant or post natal women who can experience so many positives from Pilates.

Helen found Pilates extremely beneficial throughout her own pregnancy and post natal journey, so much so, she completed further training in this area. Her Ante and Post Natal classes use modified Pilates, teaching in small groups, working your muscles from the inside out. This involves strengthening the pelvic floor area, improving muscle strength around the pelvis, upper body strengthening and helping with posture and relaxation. The exercises are appropriate to the stage in your Ante and Post natal journey and with the small classes you can expect indiidual focus throughout your program.