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An ideal class to begin your Pilates mat practice. You will be introduced to the principles of alignment and breath. Movement, coordination and core strength are promoted in a positive, inclusive class.

Three or four classes at this level will prepare you for the next stage of your practice. [hr]


Enhance your Pilates mat work in a gentle, mindful practice. Classical exercises are modified to improve their accessibility, while building strength and technique. With a slow, deliberate pace, this class is an ideal progression for those seeking fun & variety in their practice. The emphasis is on control, balanced with movement.
Ideal for those with a lower level of fitness, and those returning from injury, as well as experienced students who wish to reconnect with the principles of Pilates in a more mindful class.
Level 1 experience required.[hr]


A progressive, flowing class. Strength and endurance are enhanced in a safe, modern interpretation of classical mat exercises. Discover your sense of balance, and challenge your coordination, with a series of movements designed to invigorate the mind & body.
A perfect progression for the student seeking a strong, balanced practice, and an ideal accompaniment to an already active lifestyle.
Level 1 experience required.

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