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Yoga at TheStudio@NDP

Yoga is an ancient movement practice that aims to connect mind, body, and soul. Using postures (asanas) and the breath (pranayama) as our guide we explore the uniqueness of our own individual bodies, their strengths, and challenges. The true essence of Yoga in Sanskrit is “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha”, roughly translated to “becoming the master of your mind”, for through a physical, breath-based practice which challenges and captures our focus we naturally calm the busy mind. 

In our modern world the mind has been conditioned to always be active – thinking, planning, problem-solving, daydreaming, etc. Yoga allows us to gain perspective from this, understanding we are more than our thoughts and how to peacefully and confidently accept and let them go. Using a combination of the physical practice of Yoga, with breathwork and meditation/relaxation, Yoga can bring you back to yourself; helping discover the inner calm lying deep within us all. 

Nowadays it is easy to get bamboozled by the multitude of different Yoga styles out there (from Iengar and Hatha to goat and beer Yoga – yes these honestly exist!), meaning you can feel lost and intimidated in knowing where to start/what style is right for you. At North Down Physio, our resident Physio/Yogi Holly is a Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher alongside being a Pilates instructor with a background in dance. Her classes are for all levels – even if this is your first class or you are a seasoned practitioner, her style aims to connect your body back to the flow of the breath and deepen your body awareness. Holly is deeply inspired by helping each individual Yogi understand and develop their body’s strength, mobility, co-ordination, proprioception/balance and energy; discovering a body and mindset that is more functional and adaptable for daily life. In addition, Holly loves to incorporate the cycles of nature into her style, using lunar and seasonal flows to enrich our relationship with the earth’s energies and elements. 

In her classes, Holly offers a non-judgemental, positive, and creative environment, where you can feel empowered to explore and re-connect with your inner playful side – something which we can all lose sight of as we grow up. Most importantly, at the end of each class Holly honours the body and mind’s need for relaxation and a sense of presence, so be rest assured you will receive a beautiful, centring svasana to leave you restored, satisfied, and potentially floating out the door and into your day! 

Holly offers group classes (booked through the app), private classes (small groups or events/celebrations), and 1:1 sessions – all of 30, 45, or 60-minute durations. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Holly via info@northdownphysio.com or call us directly and Holly can get in touch. See you on the mat, Namaste xx

To Book any of these classes please download the North Down Physio App available on iOS and Android. 

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