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Awaiting covid test results

What a funny world we are living in at the minute.

Masks, isolations, injections, keeping our distance, swabbing, test results and confusion ….. and the list goes on.

If you are a close contact and double vaccinated, currently the guidance from PHA asks you for a negative PCR on day2, and day8. In between these result days, you are allowed to go about as usual.

Even with our risk assessment and covid questions, unfortunately we have had a few clients who have attended their appointment and subsequently tested positive on day8.

In any other day to day scenario this would be ok, however in the clinic this positive case has implications on our business.

Due to the close contact nature of our service, (touching you, and within 1m for more than 15min), with vulnerable clients in and out, our staff personal circumstances, and due to our sterile clinic environment, this poses a potential risk of introducing covid.

We obviously have strict measures in place to prevent the transmission of covid with staff symptom checks, PPE, covid screens, sanitiser, wipe down procedures throughout the clinic, distancing measures, spray procedures, and professional deep cleans, however we also need you to work with us too.

Therefore, as per our Professional body and clinic guidelines, we would be very grateful that if you are a close contact, non vaccinated or double vaccinated, that you inform us prior to your appointment and we will be happy to reschedule until after your day8 result is negative.

So in short, if you are waiting any results, day2/day8, please contact the clinic to reschedule your appt.

This keeps you and us as safe as we possibly can. Thank you for your understanding and support,

The Team @NorthDownPhysio