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Lockdown Restrictions Update

In keeping with the current NI Lockdown restrictions, only essential journeys are permitted.

To keep our clients and our staff safe and in keeping with the guidelines issued by our CSP, we need to continue to triage all calls to ensure only essential visits are made.

Travelling for a medical physiotherapy appointment is allowed, and, if you are comfortable with attending, hands on treatment face to face is our preferred option. In other cases, we will carry out a phone or video consultation for self help advice and exercises.

To minimise the risk of infection from this new, highly contagious strain of Covid 19, we need to continue to ask your Covid screening questions and adhere to the highest infection prevention control procedures.

For appointments, we would ask:- Please arrive at your appointment time and where possible, come alone, bringing a facemask, mobile phone and credit/debit card for payment.

If you or someone in your household is Covid positive or self-isolating, please let us know, as we can offer video consultations at a time that suits you.

Thank-you all for your patience through these times. We are very grateful to you, our clients, for supporting us in our new operating procedures.