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This is me.

This is such a good news story for my bank, Barclays, and a relief for me to be honest, however there is a serious message behind the story.

Barclays have been great over the years with my day to day business banking and helping me with growing the clinic and now in response to Coronavirus with supporting me in securing this Bounce Back Loan.

The fact that I, and other physiotherapy clinics have had to apply for this loan, tells of a profession in crisis. Private physiotherapy clinics are struggling financially, and many will not survive this.

Yes we are a business however the nature of what we do means we won’t become millionaires! We don’t do our job for the money, we do it because it is our passion and our greatest satisfaction comes from helping our clients. We do it because we care.

Like many businesses at this difficult time, we need all the support we can from the Government, and we are grateful for what we have been able to avail of to date. However, I am aware of a number of business who haven’t been so lucky.

North Down Physio supports 14 staff, all of whom have families. I am not shy to say my business needs financial support, however I am determined that we will be open again when the time is right.

This Bounce Back Loan has been a blessing, however it is a loan. With all the adaptions and safety measures in place, physiotherapy treatment will not be the same when we return, however I can guarantee that we will continue to give the same high level of care we have always prided ourselves on.

I would encourage you to please support your local small businesses as much as you can. They have a vital role to play in our community.

Ps, as well as the support from my family, staff and clients it has been brilliant to see the physiotherapy private practice community come together and support each other during all of this.
Thank You