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Good Morning!

This is a throw back to what a normal “Monday morning” used to look like. I do miss this 😕

It’s been two weeks since we redirected our working habits into our homes.

The support from our clients, and wider, has been overwhelming, THANK-YOU 🙏🏻

As a small business it is humbling to know that we have such kind and loyal clients (most of whom are now friends!!)

Can I just take this opportunity to thank our Physiotherapy colleagues who are on the NHS frontline, supporting the nurses, doctors and many other professionals.

Respiratory Physios never really get much press. They are going unrecognised for their experience and essential skills in the fight against this virus.

I have many physio friends who are absolute frontline, and others upskilling back into the NHS, so this is a big THANK-YOU to YOU 👏🏼 Please be careful and stay safe 💗

staysafe 🌈