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Sarah Key Method for Back Pain.

Some of our good clients have been coming to us for treatment for years! Now, this does not mean we are not good physios, but quite the opposite!… it means we are helping them!

The majority of back pain we will be able to resolve. However, some Chronic back pain may never be “fixed” or “cured”.

But do not give up, there are many physiotherapy techniques that allow us to control and settle your pain to a manageable level for your lifestyle.

We see clients that have had significant relief from their pain, yet need to come in for maintenance treatment.

This may be once a month, every two months, or every 6 months! It is whatever suits yours needs and your spines needs!

We are so lucky to build lovely relationships with these long term clients, they are NDP family! We know and treat most of their families, and they know our families.

We often reminisce during treatment, and one memory that pops up frequently is “remember, Julia when you were heavily pregnant and you walked on my back!” 🙄😂

Well this is a perfectly safe physiotherapy technique called the Sarah Key Method (specialised treatment approach to spinal pain), where we use our heel to mobilise the joints of your spine, and it is amazing for back pain!

We currently have 3 physiotherapists trained from the Sarah Key Masterclass with accreditation. (None of whom are currently pregnant!!)

So, to those reminiscing clients…. This is, 10 years later, Julia’s “baby bump”!!!