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The Sarah Key Method

This is a relatively new and very exciting method of treating back pain (both lower and upper back pain).

Our physios are specially trained in the SKM and will use the heel of the foot to effectively mobilise the stiff and painful areas of your spine; we can create greater forces on the spine with much less pain for the patient and less effort for the therapist.

You will be given a full explanation prior to the treatment.

Kinesio Tape on ShoulderOther techniques we use

Sports Injury Rehabilation

Mobilising and manipulating joints

Specific Soft Tissue Mobilisation


Tailored exercise and stretching program

Advice on injury prevention

Back care and postural advice for all ages

Kinesio tape is applied over muscles to support or stimulate movement on a 24-hour basis

The use of electrotherapy machines eg ultra sound, interferential therapy.