Sports Massage

Sports massage is aimed to reduce the healing time of soft tissue injuries as well as reducing the chance of re-injury by improving range of movement and flexibility. It also helps to eliminate the by products of exercise, like stiffness and soreness, to improve the symmetry of the body, and to balance muscles to correct posture.
Our sports massage practitioner’s role is to apply appropriate touch to manipulate soft tissue, to release tension, to reduce pain and to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the area. This in turn promotes overall good health of muscles, tendon and ligaments.



Our experienced practitioner’s use a range of techniques and carry around a ‘tool bag’ of skills. Using this tool bag and working with you, we find the right skills to unravel your current injury situation or assist with your training programme.
Essentially the ‘manipulation of soft tissue’ means moving muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue around in a range of ways to achieve the desired effect.
Most soft tissue injuries develop from a specific trauma during sport, and the treatment will involve soft tissue management and collaboration with our experienced physiotherapists. It is important to rehabilitate all soft tissue injuries with sports specific exercises and introduce a gradual increase in intensity and load through the injured area.
We will eventually return you to full sports participation and if required our team will liaise with the coach, manager and/or parents throughout this process.

Deep tissue sports massage is particularly effective in the prevention of injuries, especially if your training schedule is intense or repetitive. Our practitioners will assess your needs in relation to your training program, and apply appropriate massage techniques to iron out deep muscle knots and put the spring back in your step!
Common examples of sports we treat range from Triathlon, Football, Rugby, Running, Cycling, Swimming and Court sports
It is not just sports men and woman who develop soft tissue injuries or areas of pain. You are just as likely to develop soft tissue pain in the neck and shoulders of lower back i.e. Sitting posture or stress. So consider making massage a regular part of your prevention plan as you would yoga or pilates.
In short your our experienced team will provide you with the advice, hands on treatment and education to restore you to as best as possible pain free state.