Podiatry at North Down Physio is dedicated to the diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention of lower limb sports and musculoskeletal injuries.
Our practitioner, Peter, currently works with Firefly Foot and Ankle Clinics, and has had experience with international athletes, sports institutes and professional sporting teams.  This same professional approach is extended to treat recreational athletes and active children or adolescents.
Our aim is to help individuals achieve their sporting goals and return from injury with confidence by using evidence based treatment programmes and the latest technology to aid assessment.

Sports Podiatry specialises in the diagnosis and management of lower limb injuries (hips down) associated with abnormal biomechanics or posture during walking, running or your chosen sport. Our podiatrists use the latest technology and evidence based practice to treat injuries including:

The orthotics we use are custom-made insoles prescribed to correct lower limb alignment or facilitate more efficient function.  They act as an interface between the foot and shoe to improve mechanics. 

 Custom-made orthotics are designed with the intended sporting pursuit in mind and are full-length to achieve optimal comfort and performance. 

Our orthotic devices are  hand-crafted by our Podiatrist. He produces precise foot orthoses, based specifically on patient requirements, the podiatrists prescription and a plaster cast impression of the feet. The result is a comfortable and functional orthotic that can be altered in the future, if need be, to adapt to different footwear or sporting pursuits.
The key design parameter is the individual prescription filled out by the podiatrist to match the athletes’ needs following in-depth biomechanical and motion analysis.  
In many cases the aim is to control only a percentage of excessive motion to allow natural running mechanics.

Peter is with North Down Physio every Tuesday, to book an appointment, please speak to Tracey on 02895 436 400 or online at Firefly Foot and Ankle Clinic